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Al-Anon's Do's and Don'ts


Friday 9:30 PM

The Belly Laughs & Broads Tour
Featuring: Ro D., Tracy E., Mary K.

What happens when 2 New Yorkers and a Bostonian get together? You get a whole lot of telling it like it is! With so many different points of view how could you not have fun? They're here in Ontario (as far away from their crazy relatives as possible) for one night at the AFG Convention. With a slew of comedy shows, radio, cable specials, and sitcom credits, they're ready to leave you forgetting your day to day troubles, as you chuckle over the ridiculousness of these hilarious broads.

Saturday 9:00 PM

The Double Winners All-Star Band
Featuring: Robin K., Ronnie G., Alicia M., Hugh L., Viva V., Frankie A., Alex W., Steve S., Ben A., Scott C.
Performance is Live!

Enjoy the talented sounds of some of the finest professional musicians in town. These professional LA musicians are some of the best in the industry today! This live performance will include Original 12-Step songs, as easy listening numbers, and music so lively and vibrant, you won't be able to stop yourself from grooving on the dance floor! You won't want to miss a minute of this!